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What to Expect After Purchasing a Home

You just bought a home – now what?

1) Make sure utilities are switched into your name. Gas, water, electric, internet. Most of these companies have grace periods but once they’re turned off they’re a nightmare to get back on.

2) If you plan to use a landscaping or pool cleaning service, call and set up weekly/monthly services so that they don’t get out of hand as you focus on your move in. These things can be costly if not maintained.

3) Supplemental tax bill.  It’s the difference between what the seller was paying in property taxes and what you will be paying. If you set up an impound account with your lender then this will be compensated for so you don’t get a surprise bill a few months down the road. If not, then be prepared and informed about what your updated tax bill will look like.

4) Keep your home warranty information. This will come in the mail for you or you can always request the information from your Realtor.

5) Another item that will come in the mail is going to be your deed. This can sometimes take up to three months. Some companies will contact you and try to sell you a copy of your deed – do not pay anyone for this. You will get a free copy of it from the city, it just takes a few months.

6) Keep your final closing statement. There are some fees from closing costs that can be deducted from that first year’s taxes. Definitely consult with your CPA in regards to that but it’s important to keep those closing documents in order to claim anything.

7) As you’re settling in, keep all receipts from capital improvements, such as remodels, that you make on the house. You could potentially deduct from those from future capital gains if/when you sell the house again.

Always know that you can reach out to your Realtor or lender with any questions or concerns after purchasing a home. We aren’t just hear for the transaction, we’re here for the entire experience.

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