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4 Compelling Reasons to Buy a Home in Winter

It’s no secret that real estate transactions heat up when the weather is warm. Spring and summer months are typically the busiest months in real estate – it’s more pleasurable to be touring homes when it’s NOT cold or raining, sellers can make their yards and the exterior of their homes enticing, and the moving process is less of a chore when you are moving in a t-shirt.

But as a homebuyer, there are some serious advantages to swimming against the current. So grab a jacket, soak up some knowledge, and learn how the overall process can be easier and faster for you.

If you’re considering buying a home, here are 4 compelling reasons to do so in the winter:


1. Limited buyer competition.

This is the #1 reason. Since it’s often considered taboo to buy a home in the winter, you’re going to find that there is far less competition at this time of year. With lessened demand, you won’t feel the pressure to make a rash offer that you may end up regretting. Take the time to be more calculated!


2. Sellers are extremely motivated.

If someone is selling their home during the winter, you can almost guarantee that they need to get it sold for a specific reason – winter is not an ideal time for sellers. Common reasons include: a death in the family, job relocation, and financial constraints. And if the home has been sitting on the market for a number of months and just hasn’t sold, then you’re really in control. The longer the home sits on the market, the more negotiating power you yield.


3. Less likely to have competing offers.

It’s simple economics. Demand is usually lower which gives you the upper hand when it comes time to negotiate. Again, sellers tend to be extremely motivated this time of year so if the offer is reasonable, it’s likely to be accepted. You can find yourself saving some big bucks if you time it right!


4. Everyone is less busy.

If you haven’t been part of a real estate transaction deal at the height of summer, then let me explain something. It can be very hard working with all parties involved since everyone is so busy! Sellers are showing their homes to multiple interested buyers, lenders are buried in processing paperwork, and everyone else seems to be on vacation. You won’t have to fight for attention to get the ball rolling in the winter.

Now that you have 4 compelling reasons, grab that jack if you haven’t already done so and get out there and house hunt!

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